Scott Fitzgerald House

The F. Scott Fitzgerald House, also known as Summit Terrace, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States, is part of a rowhouse designed by William H. Willcox and Clarence H. Johnston, Sr. The house, at 599 Summit Avenue, is listed as a National Historic Landmark for its association with author F. Scott Fitzgerald. The design of the rowhouse was called the “New York Style”, where each unit was given a distinctive character similar to rowhouses in eastern cities. Architecture critic Larry Millett describes it as “A brownstone row house that leaves no Victorian style unaccounted for, although the general flavor is Romanesque Revival.”

Fitzgerald’s parents, Edward and Mollie, moved back to St. Paul in 1914 while F. Scott Fitzgerald was a student at Princeton University. They lived in the unit at 593 Summit Avenue for a while, then moved to the 599 Summit Avenue unit in 1918. In July and August 1919, Fitzgerald rewrote the manuscript that became his first novel, This Side of Paradise.”Although Summit Terrace was only one of several Saint Paul locations in which Fitzgerald lived, it typifies the environment on which he drew for some of the finest of his later stories.”

It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1971 It is also a contributing property to the Historic Hill District.

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Date: 04/07/2014

Brickwork, Tuckpointing